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Federico Malnati Architect opens in 2018 in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

The office focuses on new building constructions and renovations, targeting mainly private clients. The office services span from concept design to construction management.

The architectural imprint starts in the territorial understanding and context study, with a deep focus on the project's spatial values. Our works range in typology and scale, leveraging on the use of different structural techniques and materials. Our architectural skills and sensibility has been constantly refined, during the years, through the collaboration with other architectural studios and the teaching of great architects such as Grafton Architects (Pritzker Price 2020), Quintus MillerValerio OlgiatiFrédéric Bonnet, Marc Collomb, Roberto Briccola and Mario Botta.

2018 - opens Federico Malnati Architect

2016 - work for Studio Middeke & Associati, Agno, CH

2014/2015 - work for DD Project Management & Engineering SA, Paradiso, CH

2011/2012 - exchange scholarship at  Virginia Tech, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US

2010/2014 - private jobs with Steve Mouradian, RIBA Architect, London, UK

2010/2011 - internship in London to DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, London, UK

2008/2014 - Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio - Università della Svizzera ItalianaCH

Federico Malnati

Awards and Qualifications

2016 - 3RD PRIZE WINNER at Baltic Way Memorial Competition by Bee Breeders - Architecture Competition Organisers

2016 - Mensa Italia - The High I.Q. Society membership

2014 - Master of Science in Architecture

2012 - Bachelor of Science in Architecture

2012 - Notable submission at Virginia Society AIA - 2012 student design competition


Annalisa Pandolfo

architect AAM + landscape architect UniFI


Studio Middeke & Associati

Agno, CH

Guillermo Mazzuca Architetti SA

Lugano, CH

Arch. Thomas Giuliani

Varese, IT

Arch. Steve Mouradian (RIBA)

London, UK

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