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Federico Malnati

architect AAM


Federico Malnati Architect opens in 2018 in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

The office focuses on new building constructions and renovations, targeting mainly private clients. The office services span from concept design to construction management.

The architectural imprint starts in the territorial understanding and context study, with a deep focus on the project's spatial values. Our works range in typology and scale, leveraging on the use of different structural techniques and materials.


Our architectural skills and sensibility has been constantly refined, during the years, through the collaboration with other architectural studios and the teaching of great architects such as Grafton Architects (Pritzker Price 2020), Quintus Miller, Valerio Olgiati, Frédéric Bonnet, Marc Collomb, Roberto Briccola and Mario Botta.

Federico Malnati
Annalisa Pandolfo


Architect Annalisa Pandolfo, graduate at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, joined the Studio in 2020 as a core part of the design team. She brings talent and dedication as well as an innovative approach to the sustainability and design aspects of green spaces.


In 2023, the bond between Federico and Annalisa becomes even stronger with their marriage.


Annalisa's passion for nature, developed through her work at an internationally renowned landscape design Studio such as LAND, led her to obtain a second-level Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at the Università degli Studi of Florence in 2024.

In the same year, she founded Atelier PANDO, a real "Atelier Boutique" of landscaping.

Annalisa Pandolfo

architect AAM + landscape architect UniFI


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